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Metallic Bottles

Metallic Centerpieces

Help your Kim Crawford wine bottles live on in style by using them to create festive, yet functional floral or candle centerpieces. Simply toast, tape and repeat.

What you’ll need:


Make sure the bottles are clean and dry. To create a table statement, use an odd number of bottles. We like groupings of three and five.

Directly from the roll, cut different size strips of the Painter’s Tape with the X-Acto knife, so to make clean lines.

Place the strips in interesting ways on the bottle, keeping in mind that this is where the glass from the bottle will show through, so make sure what you put the tape over is what you want to see.

Once you have created your desired design with the tape, set the cardboard box on its side to create a safe and clean environment to use the spray paint.

Place bottles in the box, then spray paint standing about 1.5 feet away. This may take a bit longer to get the coverage you want, but helps to minimize paint drips.

Let the fully-sprayed bottle sit until dry, about 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

Once dry, use the edge of the X-Acto blade to peel of the tape slowly. If the paint seems gummy, stop and wait a bit longer for the paint to dry completely, then remove all of the tape.

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