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Boom Wall Art

Boom Wall Art

What you'll need:

  • 2″ foam balls (smooth)
  • 10″ bamboo skewers and thin sticks (we used stems from dried craft flowers)
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • White spray paint.
  • Instructions:

    There is a thin seam line on the styrofoam ball that divides it in half. Use a small saw or file to slice a piece off the foam ball on one side of the dividing seam so it will sit flat against the wall.

    Spray the balls the base color (either gold or white). Spray the skewers gold or 2/3 gold, 1/3 white for ombré effect. Let paint dry between coats and rotate the skewers to cover all sides.

    Using the seam in the ball as your starting point, insert the skewers about 1/4 inch in, around this line, then fill upwards.

    Use an adhesive velcro tab to pop on the wall, damage free (they weigh less than a pound).

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