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Our philosophy on making good wine is simple: focus on flavour. Our master winemaker, Anthony Walkenhorst, describes himself as the ‘guardian of flavour’ crafting wines that are vibrant, authentic and crisp. Anthony has been influenced by New Zealand’s unique natural beauty and uses it to inspire wines with robust, fruit-driven flavours that accentuate a gentle and natural character. Ultimately, Anthony aims to let the original flavour of the grapes shine through in every glass of Kim Crawford.

The Grapes

When flavour is at the core of your philosophy, grapes become the defining factor in ensuring excellent wine. The grapes that we select are grown in vineyards scattered among the stunning vistas and coastlines of New Zealand. Within these regions the climates vary and allow us to select from an assortment of grapes producing the diverse and flavourful wines we’re known for throughout the world.

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