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Entertaining DIY Ideas

Copper Candle Stick

Copper Candle Stick



  • Thin copper coil, found at the hardware store in the copper pipe section
  • 3/4" to 1/4" copper reducer found in the same section of your hardware store
  • Adhesive putty, or wall tack


  • Gently wind the copper around something circular for the base (like a big roll of tape). Keep bending until you make a little perch on top. Using metal shears, cut the pipe.
  • Using pliers, pinch the perch end of the tubing.
  • Squish a small pinch of the putty into the ¼” end of the reducer fitting and slide it onto the perch end of the tubing.

At Kim Crawford, we champion mixing things up. Taking the world’s expectations and turning them into something beautiful.